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A&S Workshop - Wool: Cleaning, Dying & Carding

  • 21 Oct 2018
  • 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Private Residence

A&S Guild Workshop – Wool! We’ll be trying our hand at washing, dying (using traditional and modern methods) and carding wool (basically the steps from taking a fleece and turning it into usable material to spin to make yarn and/or make felt). 

- This event is free! I just ask that everyone coming bring a food dish to share (nothing fancy) so I don’t have to cook for everyone. Alternatively, we can order pizza or something if everyone kicks in a few bucks.
- Non-alcoholic beverages will be provided.
- No need to bring wool, unless you have some lying around
- Dyes will be provided, but if you want something specific, bring it.
- If you have a big old pot to contribute for the day, that would be great. 
- This is NOT a garbed event. We will be getting messy and dirty. And if weather permits, we’ll be outside. Dress accordingly.
- Limited amounts of plastic gloves will be available. Plan to bring your own if you can (dyes stain).
- I have cats. Two of them. They are super sweet and adorable. But if you are allergic, you may not want to take your chances. We will not be dying the cats.
- Anyone coming will be able to take finished wool with them. If we aren’t able to finish, or more work is needed, I will bring the finished wool to Fall War. And then, I suppose, I’ll do a drop spindle class at Fall War for anyone wanting to turn their wool to yarn.

For location and details, please contact Lisen Minetti of the Markland A&S Guild.

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